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Chairman Profile

David Magang is a lawyer by profession and has been a legal practitioner since 1969. He was in active politics for a number of years, and finally retired in the year 2001. He was a Member of the Parliament for 22 years, and has held various ministerial positions such as Minerals, Mines & Water Affairs, Finance and Development Planning, Works, Transport and Communication. Till 2006, he practiced law through his own law firm, Magang & Co. He is currently a legal consultant to a law firm, Collins Newman & Co. affiliated to the UK law firm Denton Sapte.

He was the Chairman of CEDA, Citizen Entrepreneurial Development Agency, a government funded organization set up by the Government of Botswana to promote citizen entrepreneurial development.

Mr. David Magang authored his personal biography, “The Magic of Perseverance”, and the first print was sold out within three weeks of its launch. Alexander McCall Smith, a world renowned author described the book as not only detailing the story of David Magang, but also one that details the story of Botswana; In his Introduction to the book, he had this to say:

It is rare to find a set of memoirs which describe such a varied and remarkable life as that of David Magang. Here is a man who has been, amongst other things, a scholar, lawyer, politician, government minister and businessman. Here is a man who has travelled widely but who is firmly rooted in the country for which he clearly has such great affection, Botswana – the country which has so impressed the world for its integrity and success. And his story is, to a very great extent, the story of the modern state of Botswana in its early and formative years.

There are great delights in this book, and I think that it should appeal to anybody who is interested in the story of Botswana. But of course it is much more than that: it is the story of a man of talent and vision, who decided to make something of his life and who then did just that. The young schoolboy from Molepolole became the scholar at Moeng College and the student at the University of London. And that student then became the lawyer and the lawyer became the man of public affairs and the statesman. And all of this was achieved by sheer hard work and intellectual ability.

And now, at last with the time to sit down and write this fascinating document, Mr Magang has done a great service to the history and literature of his country. In telling this story, he has recorded the experience of one of Botswana’s best-known and most influential sons. He has also produced a document of humanity and insight. Mr Magang is a wise man, and in this book we see just what that wisdom means. Alexander McCall Smith, 2008

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