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Phakalane is the only privately owned and leading Property Development, Golf Resort and Advisory Company in Botswana and the reason for our success is simple: talented people.

Phakalane recruits for

  • Experienced professionals
  • Graduates

We have a local network of about 90 staff members either or a permanent of casual basis, but we are always looking for determined, innovative people who enjoy teamwork, thrive on a challenge and who want to deliver leading-edge property, investment and business solutions to a range of clients.

We’re always looking for determined, innovative people who enjoy teamwork

In our offices at Phakalane, we have a commitment to equality, and all of our people have the opportunity to develop an exciting career wherever they work and whatever they do. You’ll need to possess the right attitude and skills to be successful, and also share our core values of integrity, teamwork, service excellence, creativity, enjoyment and have the ability to make it happen.

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CV Advice

To apply for a position with Phakalane you must submit your CV so we can establish whether you meet the relevant job criteria or not. We've put together some basic guidance below that may help you to present your CV in a clear, concise and persuasive way.

CV Style

  • Try to stick to two pages
  • Use bullet points instead of paragraphs where possible and keep sentences short
  • Use larger fonts and bold type for headings keeping underlining to a minimum
  • If you are submitting a paper copy, do not use coloured paper
  • Avoid unusual fonts and photographs

CV Content

  • Tailor your CV to each individual job expanding on the relevant parts
    and minimizing the others.
  • List your most recent work experience first and as well as describing the job, point out any general qualities you gained from the work.
  • Concentrate on your achievements, not your responsibilities - don't rewrite
    your job description.
  • Good things to mention include communicating with other people, working under pressure to deadlines, being prepared to do the extra things that make a difference, entrepreneurial skills, leadership and team working.
  • Don't go into detail about jobs you have done many years ago which may now be irrelevant.
  • Include qualifications, training, awards, prizes, languages, computer skills, membership of relevant clubs and societies together with any other skills you feel are relevant.
  • Including a short personal profile can be useful but this is not essential - this should cover your main skills, abilities and experience, your character and your personal and work related goals, adding details of specific hobbies or interests gives a more rounded picture of your personal qualities, don't overdo it.
  • Do a spell check and get someone else to read your CV
  • Remember - you may need to put together more than one CV if you intend to apply for different types of job across different sectors. This will enable you to emphasize the particular achievements, skills, experience and personality qualities that Phakalane is looking for. It is usually possible to establish what qualities are required from the job advertisement or job description; alternatively you may need to research the role to ensure that your CV has the right focus.
  • You may wish to include a covering letter and this should highlight some of the key points from your CV and any achievements that you wish to draw attention to. It should also contain your contact details, name, address, telephone numbers, email etc, the name, position and address of who you are writing to and what you are looking/applying for.

Interview Advice

The interview process is often a daunting experience. While it is important that you have the right skills and experience for the job noted on your CV, it is also important that you are able to convey these skills and experience you have on the day.

If you have prepared for your interview you are more likely to present a better picture of yourself as the right person for the job and the following provides some basic tips and what to expect from an interview at Phakalane.

Before your interview

  • Ensure that you have read any information provided about the job and think about your recent achievements and some examples, ideally within the workplace that demonstrate that you have the necessary skills and experience
  • Think about some questions that you may be asked and consider how
    you might answer them
  • Think about some questions you want to ask
  • Carry out some research about Phakalane
  • Be sure you know the following information about your interview: the time, the date, the location and the name(s) of the interviewer(s)
  • Plan your route to the interview location
  • The day of the interview
  • Please be aware that business dress is expected
  • Plan to arrive at the interview 15 minutes before the time of the interview
  • On arrival, ensure that the receptionist knows you have arrived

The interview itself

You will be interviewed by the line manager and invariably another member of staff. The interview can last up to an hour and you shouldn't make any assumptions if it lasts more or less. You will be given the opportunity to ask questions at the end of the interview.

The following are a few important points to remember during the interview

  • Maintain regular eye contact
  • Try to adopt an open, honest and confident attitude
  • Speak clearly and with confidence
  • Listen to the questions you are asked
  • It is OK to pause before answering a question so that you can think about what
    you are going to say
  • Keep to the point but ensure you answer the question (avoid yes and no answers)
  • Relax and remember that the interview is designed to allow you to demonstrate
    what you can do
  • Most importantly, be yourself!

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